One shift ends. One shift begins.
One simple way to protect your people, reputation, deadlines and budgets.

Streamlined handovers, simplified.

RelayWorks is software that ensures every workplace handover is handled as smoothly, surely and seamlessly as the baton in a gold-medal relay team. Every business-critical detail. Every progress-related instruction. Every operational, management and safety imperative.

You can actively shape simple, step-by-step handover scenarios that bring together team and management information online, creating a closed communication loop that safeguards your people, project and bottom line, even in the most unpredictable environments.

Sectors that we are already helping
Oil & Gas Upstream
Mining & Metals
Security Operations
Contact Centre
Oil & Gas Upstream
Mining & Metals
Security Operations
Contact Centre

Up to speed. Down to work.

RelayWorks combines progress reporting, task management and alerts so your workplace handovers run as smoothly and seamlessly as the baton in a gold-medal relay team.


Handovers for colleagues working around the clock on 24/7 working pattern.


Handovers for professionals working at remote locations with a long distance commute.


Handovers for teams handing over their combined workload to another team or customer.


Handovers for staff going on annual leave or taking a longer break from work.
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Go digital for a safer and higher-performing workplace.

RelayWorks improves decision making, work prioritisation and business continuity.


Consistent Process

The RelayWorks approach enables managers to set-up a robust process across their business functions. It immediately provides a standardised approach whilst providing flexibility for end-users to refine elements for their own individual reporting purposes. 


Defined Roles

It is easy for managers to set the basic handover requirement for each job holder. Work requirements continually change so we have made it simple to refine and update them. Each end-user is always clear on what is expected and managers can be confident that important topics are never missed.


Real-Time Intel

The progress and work activity of each handover are readily available to all users regardless of their physical location. Easily log-in to update a topic, grab a handover report, or find out the status of tasks. Never be left in the dark again!


Centralised Data

With handover data all held in one central location, businesses quickly gain insights on areas such as workplace performance, safety and compliance, and resource management. RelayWorks provides managers with an accessible source of business intel for making better decisions, faster. 

Our Fantastic Features

Tailor handovers for individual business requirements Intuitive workflow with in-app and e-mail notifications Share handover reports internally and via email Quickly retrieve handover intel for audit and performance reviews Easy to set up for globally distributed teams Simply create, schedule & assign tasks Set the priority of tasks for handover recipients Close the communication loop during handover Promote direct engagement between manager and employee Securely cloud-based and accessible anywhere, anytime Project tasking & communication (Enterprise only)
Quickly improve handovers
Digitally connect workers
Improve team performance
Safer working environment
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